Kennesaw Cosmetic Dentistry

Updated: 12/10/16 07:29:46 AM

There's no need to walk around with a gummy smile when we have the power to lengthen your teeth.

Updated: 12/08/16 12:12:52 PM

If plaque develops under your gum, it can cause all kinds of pain and discomfort.

Updated: 12/07/16 02:04:25 PM

You can whiten your teeth at home, but if they're not white enough you can come to our office for professional teeth cleaning or whitening procedures.

Updated: 12/07/16 12:25:40 PM

If you notice that you're spitting out blood when you brush your teeth, check to see if your gums are red and swollen.

Updated: 12/07/16 11:09:16 AM

Teeth bleaching is what some people call teeth whitening treatments done in a dental office.

Updated: 12/07/16 09:32:31 AM

Bad oral hygiene can affect every part of your body, not just your teeth and gums.

Updated: 12/07/16 08:00:57 AM

Some people brush their teeth after a meal so that they're not temped to snack throughout the day.

Updated: 12/07/16 06:02:48 AM

The base of a dental implant is made of a rod that goes into your jaw to hold the false tooth that is made by the dental staff.

Updated: 12/07/16 04:07:11 AM

If you've lost your appetite because it hurts too much when you eat, you seriously need to see our dentist for a checkup.

Updated: 12/07/16 02:57:08 AM

People who tend to drink a lot of sugary drinks may find that they have more cavities and gum issues than people who don't use sugar.

Updated: 12/07/16 01:11:53 AM

If it hurts to chew and you simply stop eating, that's not the solution to the problem.

Updated: 12/06/16 11:39:30 PM

People who have dry mouth need to know that it can actually cause more problems than having too much saliva.

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kennesaw cosmetic dentistry